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Nagoya 1st day 1st show

K: Are you have fun?
K: you want meet NEWS?
F: yeah!
K: We are NEWS!
F: Yeah!
K: minna-san, please have a drink
T: nagoya also very hot. you guys really have energy even this hot!
K: i just saw one little girl waving one uchiwa.. but i wonder if i said this or not.. maybe 6 years old. (seem that girl waving uchiwa said "what is mean icyaicya?"
(ichaicha mean likes doing something dirty/sexy to others)
S: that girl must said "mummy, what is icyaicya?" (with cute voice)
T: if she asked what is ichaicha? i would show her how to do it for her!
*then three of them surrounding tegoshi and kept asking tegoshi "icyaicya tte nani?"
T: this what its mean!  *then suddenly tegoshi attacked massu want kiss him!*
T: i just want attacked his neck only
K/S: shiranai yo~
K: please stop be hentai!
T: ne? *asking to shige*
S: ne jyanai yo!
K: thank you for hard work, for 24hrs TV.. its really a pity little bit u will on goal at the same time.
T: wait! is not me who running 24hrs TV (oshima miyuki-san who be running marathon that time)
S: minna, are you watching it? (im not watching it coz that time i'm on shinkansen from osaka to nagoya LOL)
K: but you really great, when 5 of Arashi standing there, got one person who catching many eyes because of his white color hair!
T: you true! arashi all black hair. im the only white blonde hair.
K: are you doing icyaicya with other itteQ members?
T: im doing often with daisuke-san got part where im standing with daisuke-san and then im putting my hand around his waist.
S: when doing that show, u should not doing that right?
K: you sing a song ""
S: why u know about it, you watch it?
K: not but i saw tegoshi doing practice singing that song yesterday at make-up room.
T: when actually NEWS do the 24hrs TV? 4 years ago
K: we doing before Eito right?
T: NEWS then Eito then..Arashi?
K: NEWS, Eito.. eh Sexy Zone?
K: but its very weird if Sexy Zone doing this kind of show.. when they introduce.. "domo, sexy zone"
M: May i know where is Sexy Zone? *got rumor said one of members sexy zone come that day.. i forget his name*
then they change to where actually their sexy zone are..
T: massu, u think where your sexy zone?
K: you tell us, where your sexy zone?
M: for my own opinion, my sexy zone is all of about me!
T: u know seriously i think don't think so high about yourself!!
T: but everybody has the right to mousou.
K: what with this guy?!
T: i think this time, got lots guys come right?
* even at my behind also got one couple, girl waving tego's uchiwa, and her boyfriend waving shige's uchiwa*
Then got one guy called "SHIIIIGGGGGGEEEE*
K: Oni-sama~ (brothers~)
all guys yeaaaaaaaahhhh!
T/S: they here!
K: last time im joking saying "Onee-sama!!~ then that person like "keichan~keichan~"
* Onee-sama is guy who love to be like a girl, that time keichan doing onee-sama gesture*
K: really increasing ne, fanboy!
M: last time when tegomasu went to sweden, all the blonde girl was waving tego or massu's uchiwa. maybe from tegomasu they know about NEWS. recently i saw many blonde girl waving Kato's uchiwa than tegomasu's uchiwa. maybe after know NEWS, ahh kato more better than tegomasu!
then suddenly..
K: ORE WA?????
* keichan face really priceless! he really eh?!!"
K: how about me? nobody love me?
M: maybe your face not type of europe favourite..
T: you guys always went to out of country right? which place you think you will be popular?
K: for me of coz KOREA right?
then they started talking korea language
K: thats why i seriously studing korea language.
S: tegoshi, which country if you?
T: its Thailand! and Spain!
K: Spain?! u popular at Spain too? its really cool!!
T: Thailand was great!!
*behind me got two fans from thailand! they screaming happily! im just happy for them! seem they are kparadisek friends!
T: when i go to Thailand for miyazawa daisuke-san for Itte Q, when we having shooting at thailand, got some girls asking the thai staff and asking if can they having that handsome guy number.
M: its just same when we went to concert at out of country, someone will asked "who are you, you want go to backstage?"
S: Let's do right now.. asked someone if they want do that too.
T: you want me to tell you keichan's contact number? please memo it right now.. ikuyo~
K: Stop it!
then shige and tegochan started bully their leader!
K: massu which country you will be popular!
M: of couse, it will be Japan! *they talked about abit history of massu's childhood*
K: shige? how about you, Indonesia?
*im scream abit Malaysia!!" LOL
S: i think my face was not famous to outside countries. last time when keichan and i went America...*when he talking he watching at keichan's face and laughing*
K: why you laughing at?
S: your face really thin!!
M: Koyama you really like a girl!
K: this face? * he show it to camera*
and all kept said kawaii~ kawaii~
K: what is it? i can't hear! wait i want hear clearly. its cute?
*maybe some of fans was laughing infront of him*
K: you guys laughing! what you laughing at? why? when u said it about my face? is it my face was weird?
S: you should do some cosplay!
K: if im doing it, Tegoshi will be more kawaii~
everyone said ahhh~ ahh~
K: Ahhh~ jyanai yo~
S: because of that face, its easy to remember!
K: what with that "because of that face" words!! how the face actually? my face was not johnny's type?
S: you know what they said recently, some face was different when been taken!
T: right! right!
K: Souka~
* he really felt worried about it LOL its shown on his face *
M: i don't said anything about your face at all, those two whose said it!!
S: you know as i think as Johnnys you really have great opportunity.
K: what i should do with this face?
S: but you really Johnnys!
*they said random talk here!*
S: you have desire to married right?
K: i have!
M: lets asked " who already married here?" * they asked fans*
K: who here been tittle as "others wife*
S: its very hard if they want stand their hands up, right?
* that time tegoshi standing nearest to fans seat, and looking one by one fans infront of him.. searching for wifey fans! LOL
S: let's asked them, in NEWS Which member you want to married with?
T: i see! lets do it!
* tegoshi really excited to do it*
M: i think if tegoshi.. its should be "member that i don't want to married with" is it?
T: nande dayo?!!!
K: everyone saw you as guy who love to play around!
T: ehhh..
M: shige also love girl who take three step behind you right?
* i don't know why shige was blushing that time!! he so cute!! blushing like that!!
T: which one we should asked..which member you want to married with? or which member you want to be boyfriend?
S: jya, lets do this! if you want married with this member please applause for us.
K: is it ok if this face? *LOL keichan still worried about his face LOL*
S: i think we should shut our eyes.
T: Please think carefully! * lol tegoshi, u really think this is a real competition ne~*
then 4 of them sit around together on the stage..
M: i'll be a good husband!
S: massu the one you want to married with!
got many clapping.. then
S: tegoshi?
the clapping suddenly low and abit.. tegoshi face really priceless, he very shocked about it!
S: shige-chan?
*hmm i clapping for him actually LOL* yes! im became his girl right now, gomen keichan LOL
S: koyama?
its totally many fans was clapping for him!! koyama win afterall!! he really happy about it!!
K: eh? what happen minna?!
M: after me, then tegoshi.. i can't hear clapping so much when tegoshi.
T: im really shocked about it too!
K: tegoshi is type guy who i want to be boyfriend not husband right?
* massu also felt he got abit clapping rather than shige n koyama* the result was 1st-koyama 2nd-shige 3nd- massu and 4th tegoshi.
S: tegoshi are really high in ranking in became big brother or little brother.
*seem tegoshi really hate about lost, he really want to sell his good point here!
T: can i said something to tell my good point?! you know what i will be good boyfriend and also good husband..
S: its enough tegoshi.. LOL
T: please i want said something abit, want selling about myself abit. i know im looking like this, play around. of couse i know why keichan win because he really kind. but if you alone with me only, you the one only i see! * kyaaaa~*
S: i think maybe they think they really worried if having life together with you.
M: but you really got alot. *to keichan*
S: i think because of "every" afterall.
K: i really happy!! can i show how im happy right now? *he jumping all around*
T: if me, i also choose keichan.
M: you not choose me?
T: if you want to married with right? * so tegoshi choose keichan if he want married with!!*
M: what is not good in me? *massu felt unhappy tegoshi choose keichan as husband not him LOL*
K: its really weird!
*then keichan went to change his outfit coz after this his solo*
when he want out from stage, three of them kept saying "eh actually already married with someone!" keichan kept "yamete yo!" but keichan was jumping happily coz he win the game!!
then talked about where there have cosplay shop that they can rent and wearing it without anyone know about it.
S: you should do some cosplay too, massu?
M: but there actually got cosplay shop, guy who like tegoshi who like cosplay, they will go that cosplay shop and asking staff taking picture of you. some of guy really wanted to try something like that without their family know about it.
T: but for me, my parents know about it afterall but im not like to wear it so much, u know! (that he doing cosplay on tv LOL)
S: last time, when i do PV doing cosplay too, so i understand abit that feeling, when we wear it, some kind our tension was high unexpected right?
T: on Halloween day i want try to walking with you on street when you wearing cosplay outfit.  i want wear kamen raider outfit. *owh i want tegoshige for next, life of news part 2 please*
S: which cosplay you want to try wear?
T: SailorMoon!
S: you want said "i'll punish you with power of Moon"?
T: which one of members you like on SailorMoon?
S: how can i remember all of them?
T: you must watched it before right?
S: i'm watched it before but...
then suddenly tegoshi sing sailormoon's song theme. can't believe shige also follow him! after all shige also know the song too!
S: i want be Tuxedo Mask
T: i hate Tuxedo Mask! *of coz he hating him coz he got his favourite sailormoon ne, tegoshi*
S; who actually your hero on your childhood?
M: i love watching ranger drama! all my childhood pictures, i do all same pose like ranger's pose LOL
S: for me, my hero childhood was ultraman, kaimen raider, ranger.
tegomasu love ranger drama, shige love kaimen raider most. then suddenly tegoshi asked question..
T: i wonder why ultraman when he having fight, light on his chest suddenly will be beep beep?
S: because he change to ultraman, so he need charges his power later.
then they talked about one anime that i totally don't know about it. then they talked about pokemon.. then tegoshi's sing pokemon songs!! then shigemassu follow him sing along.

then talked about they will having concert on tokyo dome

p/s: got something i need to change abit, i'll edit it later ^^ Nagoya 27th 1st show will coming up~
hello LJ friends,
i think im not write any report yet about NEWS concert report. my first concert report ever. at last, for 8 years waiting for this time come, at last i can make it, meet my dreams!! im forget almost the concert list so i will report about MC part only..

K: Osaka! are you have fun?
K: Osaka! are you want meet NEWS?
K: this will be last concert! (for osaka he mean~)
K: you want have a rest and drink? jya, please rest and have some drink.
T: Osaka, very hot! venue very hot!
K: very hot! how about you guys? are you alright?
K: you guys really love us this much?
F: kyaaa!
K: this not my character actually!
T: of coz i love you! ( he come closed to keichan~)
of coz, everyone kyaaaaa~ of coz me too! LOL
M: koyama, can i go wash my face for a minute? ( i don't think he want go to wash his face only lol)
K: i heard about this when u guys doing tegomasu concert too. are you really want just wash ur face only? not doing that? u really want to go?
M: i just want go there.
T: i think better you go! its will nothing ( are tego mean if massu not here, they still continue the MC part? LOL)
(massu searching for nearest exist to toilet)
K: you can go now, its better
T: itterashai~
S: i think this way more faster to toilet.
T: where is nearest one?
K: Get set GO!
M: please don't give attention to me much later
K: it will be, right?
T: just take your time.
K: this always happen to u at tegomasu concert?
T: when i need to talking by alone on stage, when i have very good story to talk then he appeared suddenly without waiting im finish my story yet.
K: he appeared at wrong time?
T: that time im always i want him let me finish my story first.
K: i hope later he will appeared on perfect time.
S: then, can i complain about tegoshi this time?
(that time, tegoshi's face very shocked.. ehh please don't face)
S: at chankapaana's part, where we need to said "utsukushii koi ni suru yo~"  u know tegoshi, can you give me time to said "utsukushii koi ni suru yo~? u talked so much when u come to your part. (he should said utsukushii koi ni suru yo only)
K: yeah, u right? i just realize about it now.
S: u know what, i need to said it fastly when come to my line!
(coz they need to make sure massu's part will finish before last chorus right?)
T: we already at 5 venue concert, we talked about this already right?
S: of coz, we talked about it before but today also "utsukushii koi ni suru~" your's surrruuuuu~ was long!!
T: eh! today also was long too? (tegoshi-kun he never thought today one also was long too! LOL)
S: why u should said surrrruuuu~~ (with cute version)
K: we also like suruu face?! LOL
T: eh? really? i thought that was short already.
K: how your part actually?
T: utsukushii koi ni suru~
K: thats only right, but at second venue.. you said "utsukushii koi ni suru yo...
K/S: KONEKO~chan~ (both of them do tegoshi's cute voice LOL)
K: you take our time~
T: Oh gosh, i not realized it!
K: you know right, each of us have their own part.
T: right~right~
S: i think later you do all for us part too.
T: its will be difficult to said right?
K: its difficult to not said koneko-chan?!
T: its very difficult to stop myself to said it, this a live, i don't know what will i said on MC or introducing part, coz we don't have any script. so i just do without thinking
K: he very give good excuse here~
*suddenly massu appeared at this time*
K: bad timing!
S: bad timing!
K: massu, how you think about this? you part was last right?
M: i don't mind, if koyama and shige's part not been catch up, i just said my part only!
(bad!massu switch on! LOL)
M: but shige still said with this voice "utsukushii koi ni suru#$% (he doing monomane shige's husky voice again)
S: if i said like that, keichan will never catch his part!
M: don't mind about, just do it and let's keichan doing his part fastly!
T: i see, i just realize it!
S: i don't mind if you do it but please don't make us trouble because of it.
K: thats why, everyone have each of us have their own part too. i know that time your tension was high.
T: i'm lose control.
S: i can't lose it!
T: i can't lose it!
T/M: don't fake!
S; this what i want to said, u always said it without think, this what will happen!!
(both of them said in english! i don't know why?) ( i wonder if they use KAT-TUN lyrics)
M: even you complain about it, but why u said it with your husky voice! (massu, shige's voice like that! he can't change it)
S: this what my voice are!!
M: just try with other voice, sweet voice its will be nice~
K/M: lets try it!
S: i don't know if i should said this or not but actually we have different version of "chankapaana" part. got some version that i really don't want to do.
T: yeah u're right! we got many version of it.
K: actually some part of Chankapaana some of it was been cut off.
T: we actually need to choose many version of Chankapaana.
S: right! thats why SHY BOY-shigeaki very embarassing saying some part! (shige said shy boy in english! LOL)
K: are you just pretend to be SHY BOY?
T: how about it? right now Kato Shigeaki, wait no! katakana Shigeaki ( tego mean by shige's name シゲアキ change to katakana) are you pretend don't like to said or actually you love to saying it openly.
S:its not that i don't want to said it but just sometime i'll be pretend abit.
T: you pretend it abit?!
K: you should be more openly!
S: if i want to said i would not said it easily!
T: how it will be shige?
M: he really different when he have fever.
K: he always give excuse said he have fever when he having magazine interview.
(seem shige don't like to have long interview)
M: really?
S: i don't said it!
K: he said with kakkoi tune!
M: he have different attitude when morning, especially when he said "ohayou" with low tone.
K: recently shige like that~
T: shige seem change recently ne~shige really change alot.
S: wait! why all attacked me suddenly? (just now they complain about tegoshi, then they change to shige LOL)
K: every morning, shige always give aura "please don't talk to me" atmosphere.
S: its ok right? in early morning lets make don't have conversation.
M: if you don't want to talked with others don't talked with him after all.
S: you are the one who always start to talked with me!
M: im always want talk with everybody in early morning.
K: not me? im think im who always follow the moody without thinking others. (he mean he will follow when tego want do something)
S: then lets play like we at make-up room. how we said "ohayou" when u came in make-up room?

*so they pretend the stage was make-up room, shige first come in*

S: ohayou gozaimasu *with low tone*
K: ohayou~ * with high tension* shige ohayou!
T: ohayou~ * as always with high tension too! *
T: shige~shige~
* he started dancing his po!po!po! version infront shige* so cute!! seriously i love when tego playaround with shige. but shige just ignore him. then koyama join tegoshi dance with him together. and suprisingly shige follow them too!!
S: make-up san, let's start make up please!
K: this is always happen to us.
S: i'll never do this with u guys either right?
T: you have it right?
M: In early morning, nobody angry at him (tegoshi) kept noisy because koyama the one who always accepted it and follow him what he doing it afterall.
K: i'm always follow him doing it.
S: let's make koyama the one who come 1st and tegoshi come after you.
T: do the recently i do with him right?
S: yes!
*keichan inside the make-up room*
T: ohayou
K: tegoshi, ohayou!
T: today its ok no need make up *suddenly he come to keichan, and dancing his po!po!po! dance version and of coz keichan follow him without said anything*
S: this what really happen! you guys really crazy!! in early morning with this tension!
K: when massu and shige on make-up room first, i thought nobody was inside. (seem both of them very quiet in early morning)
S: i wonder if i talked about us inside van last time.
K: its ok i think.
S: inside the van, we have one seat each of us. *then shige asked them sit in ground pretend they sit inside van)
they sit like this. they waiting for tegoshi who late.
K/S: tegoshi very late!
M: you do correctly what u do that time!
T: ok!
T/S: no fiction!
*then tegoshi come*
T: ohayou~
K: ohayou *with sweet voice*
*he should sit his own seat but he go to keichan and sleeping at keichan's chest*
(pic crdt: inala)
(seriously tegoshi really cute!!! he love to pampered by keichan) im screaming like hell watching at this part!! seriously! so cute~
S: what u said when he come to u?
K: stop it, go to other place~
T: its ok~ put your hand here! * he put keichan's hand as his pillow and put his head closed to keichan's chest*
S: they sleep like this for 30 minutes.
K: shige take picture of us with his phone and he will put on magazine later.
S: i saw what all happen and think its really funny so i take the picture.
K: so please wait for the picture later.
S: what are you guys doing both of you guy u know!!
K: im kept saying "yameto yo!" he just "hmm yada~"
M: koyama said please stop it, but tegoshi who said " why cannot, its nothing problem right! just sit!" (tegoshi said little bit angry tone)
K: he just said "why i can't do this?!" *seem tegoshi angry abit coz keichan don't want him at his chest.
M: i sitting infront of them, so when i looking them at behind, they was sleeping like that.
K: why u doing this, u love to be pampered?
T: sometimes i want to afterall.
K: all know that tegoshi was DoS guy..
T: even im was DoS guy sometimes i will be DoM too (his evil laugh LOL so cute)
K/S: why u laugh?
K: you already 25 u know?
S: you always pretend this. BAKATARE GA! (stupid)
K: even at airplane too! can you please stop sleep on my shoulder!
T: eh, really? im not realize about it.
K: u know i trying not to wake you up so i don't move my body at all for one hour half, u know.
S: u really kind!
K: even i can't take my coffee infront coz u sleeping on my shoulder.
K: you know, if im seating beside tegoshi, its really hard time (LOL)
S: i don't have sitting beside him before i think..
T: i don't realize im will sleeping on other shoulder.
M: you guys always sit beside each other right (seem koyatego always sit each other)
K: even manager said it, if tegoshi do anything, koyama will not angry at him.
M: if he doing it to me, i just try to avoid him.
S: but sometime he always want sit alone.
T: when at airplane, im always want him involved with me.
M: what this character? you just make he want you tangled with you. he make koyama felt so lonely and asked you to involved with him.
T: i really want tangled with him!
S: maybe he also want sleep on airplane you know?
T: eh? really?
M: when im sitting beside shige, i would not order any drink coz to make sure him will not spilled it off.
S: its old time ago, when we all go to hawaii (last time when they having work at HAWAII for Russ-K CM together), got accident happen at airplane, i spilled out the orange juice to massu.
K: ehh?
M: i just bring one jean only that time. u know i smell like orange juice all the journey time.
S: its happen 8 years ago, but  i will not to order any juice when im sitting side with massu.
*they have talked at Kchan radio before, massu really irrariting that time~ LOL*
M: of coz, you know my jean was spilled of juice.
K: shige always don't see anything bottom part.
M: he don't see anything. i think the one who always spilled everything was shige.
M: shige, recently he also have his own moody, like just now when he said "ohayou" he will said low tone. his tension really can't follow up by others.
like tegoshi, he doing high tension with cute gesture. but shige look like he having fever so don't come close to me.
K: what u want to be, kato shigeaki?
M: u want having fever kato shigeaki?
S: no, i want to be healthy one.
T: shige, afterward what type of guy you aiming to be?
S: if im live as ordinary guy will be ok right, i think?
M: detekoi yo *massu doing monomane* asked shige come to be abit wild guy.
K: tegoshi, in the future what u want to be?
S: before this, he said he want to be God on magazine.
M: then he said "only bed the place who accept me!"
K: what you want to be actually?
T: im trying to became Johnny's Takada Junji.
K/S: i think you already became of him.
T: really? but if you have fun on your life, its already enough right? ( as always with his sweet face)
T: im really having a fun!
K: i think if tegoshi 30th he will never change this character.
T: i think i'll never change. even my ages will up, my heart will be forever 16 years old.
*then keichan go back to under stage to change his cloth, next his solo part*
then tegoshi talked about he will do 24hrs tv tomorrow, they said they want do 24hrs tv again!

p/s: if my english having mistake, please forgive me~ im not good in english X( Now translating Nagoya 1st day 1st show!


もちろん私の周り「もう、忘れて!あんな事」 「もう許したら?いいじゃないですか?」って でも許されないとか許しましたとか、そいう事じゃないです!私はただ忘れませんでした。それだけです。

だからあの日から今まで4人から沢山愛をもらいました、絶対彼らがファンの事ずっと大事と思います。 彼らは自分のファンだけじゃなくて、


今はNEWSのメンバーでいる、小山慶一郎くん、加藤シゲアキくん、増田貴久くん、手越祐也くん。 「大好き」とか「愛してる」より「ありがとう」の言葉が伝いたいです。

慶ちゃんが「大きな夢は4人でオッサンになること。そして僕らとファン皆が幸せになること。NEWSを継続させていきたいしそれができるグループ だと思ってる。今までのNEWSも否定したくない。やってきたこと作り出してきたもの全て大切にしたいしより良い形に変えながら4人で進みたい」って言ったね~だから私もおばあさんになるまでNEWSの事ずっと応援しますよ~www


私は本当にシゲの事が尊敬しています。シゲの小説を読んだ時に、シゲの ワールド、シゲの気持ち、すべてです、感じました。シゲが一生懸命書いてくれた、私はファンとしてシゲの小説本当に大事な物ですと思っています。私とって二つの小説はシゲの心でする。なんだか伝いたい事が伝いてくれました。シゲが小説を書くの事はもひとつのNEWSの夢叶える為にですね、前シゲが「自分の小説を読んだ方が、ジャニーズの人なんだと興味を持ってもらい、NEWSのコンサートに来てくれて、小山や増田手越のファンになってくれるのがりそう」って言った。自分の為だけじゃなくてちゃんとNEWSの為にもね~本当に嬉しかったです。去年加藤シゲアキのひとすじになった、私!これからもシゲともちろん他のNEWSのメンバーみんなずっと応援しています。

手越くんも、ファンの事本当に大事している。「離さないし離れられない関係だと思うんですよ、俺らとファンの子たちとは」 やああーやっぱり私達が手越くんの彼女ですよねーwww




ありがとうございます~ 本当に感謝しています。

i would write in english later ^^
ahh i still not posted my NEWS 10th anniversary post yet.. some of the main post still not complete yet LOL can i post this thing first? yeah some of you know that i love ryoshige conbi..yeah even someone will asked this question why are you okey with ryochan but not other ex-member? i know its complicate.. honestly i really glad ryochan choose not talked about NEWS anymore..i think its more better.. not because he don't care anymore about his ex-members but he know thats are best way right now..

BUSLfKfCEAA28__.jpg large

ryo-chan always go beyond on his own imposed hurdle.
however during the interview he never elaborates more about the goal of topic.
"ideal thinking or objective, is the something we should not publish in a magazine right?,
if we talked about this, usually its only between friends only.
even we don't talk with our someone close about this unconfided feeling, why should i tell the public through media?
its same when someone asked " how your feeling after you withdraw NEWS last year (that time)? "
I have to state unilaterally I'm teribbly sorry to NEWS, aa~ but i read shige's written novel. however i don't want said my thoughts here.. because i'm still not able to tell even shige himself yet.

p/s: sorry if my translation not accurate.. gomenasai~ i know my english really really bad LOL

im glad he choose not talk about what happen or mention about his ex-members.. it's better i think..
after they both withdraw as NEWS members, i accept it! right now NEWS are 4 members not 9 or 8 or 6 members. yeah, i still cherish the old times of NEWS, but right now i'm kept tegoshi's word in my heart! he don't want to hear "I loved 6-members NEWS", he felt frustrating to know that somebody still want the old NEWS, he think fans still think about NEWS was not good enough yet, so he want work harder. he want tell them that NEWS is 4 members group. nothing will change it!!
i love ryoshige not mean i want ryo come back as NEWS members, no! i just love see ryoshige conbi thats all.. right now i see ryochan as kanjani 8 members not NEWS members.

to ryoshige's fan out there,
BTd83LfCMAEpryv.jpg large
this month ryo talked about shige on Potato! he congratz Potato-san for 30th Anniversary. then he asked potato if got the chance he want to be on the pages with Shige again!!

i don't know why but im so happy about this!! i know ryoshige's fans will be happy about this!! LOL i wish they have music compose pages like that..
02 September 2013 @ 07:06 pm





















thank you for everything! at last we meet! im dying to meet you personally, seriously.. thank you because of you i met belle and anne last year.. and this year at last i can meet you!! i love you because u always there when i want somebody to talked. u understand all my feelings, my hurts and everything. thank you for everything.. i will miss during talk with you. btw thank you for last night, u give me some space to me sleep at ur hotel..how i appreciate it so much. thank you so much.

i don't know how to said thanks to you, u make one of my dreams come true. u really helping me a lots.. i don't how to describe how my feeling now but when im standing beside u guys on the concert, i can't imagine im standing with u guys.. thank you for wonderful memories that u give to me. and im so sorry for make u beg wet last time at ryutarou.. im really felt so bad that time.. bcoz i want take picture of koyashige, im careless to think abt others >< im so sorry!

thank you for company going around harajuku! im so happy when u bring me to keichan's crepe shop! and follow me around buying omiyage.. its really help me so much. u know once we heading different path.. i can't stop crying when i saw u out there waiting the train.. yeah, im crying infront others inside the train.. i can't stop crying when i saw ur back that time.. that time i really don't hope u turn ur back to me.. i dun want u see my weakness. thank you so much for everything.

girls, i really don't know how to reply back all your kindness that u guys give to me.. thank you so much. i really appreciate it so much. please continue love me, key LOL


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音楽: NEWS - 内容の無い手紙
05 August 2013 @ 02:27 pm
im so free today after i'm finish my work LOL
so im listening previous Kchan News..
koyama and shige talked about Dance in the dark..
1st part [chiki chiki ahhh] [3, 2, 1] is tegoshi's voice! part 3:13min [aah! aaah! ahh!] is shige's voice!!
OMG i don't know!! i realize tegoshi's part but i don't know shige's doing [ahh! aah!] part!!
i can't wait this performance so much..

... what should i write more??  LOL ok bye
24 July 2013 @ 03:25 pm
I'm just want sharing this to all news fans out there.

from popolo long interview special, Tegoshi talked about our old video that we make for them last 2 years ago.. if you not remember which one..


*p/s: owh malaysian news fans and my picture at youtube capture LOL

i'm still not read all that interview yet.. but abit phrase from him
tegoshi said when the time we (members) also don't know what to do that time, he found and watch our video, proudly to said this because of this video, one of the reasons why they still continue as NEWS. he said how can we disband afterall seeing lot's fans still waiting for them and support them! tegoshi said THIS IS A DESTINY!!

*sorry i can't translate properly coz im still not read the whole interview yet*

i got alot message from japanese fans from twitter.. they crying and touching watching this video.. and i can't stop crying reading all comments that they give to me.. i'm proud as NEWS fans!!

guys, congratz urself your hardworking and our love to them been received!!







あれえ?(爆笑) 手越くんめちゃ背中が高いじゃん?www





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びっくりしたのは。。まさかマレーシアのカラオケでもNEWSのチャンカパーナあるよ! (もちろん他のGもあるよ!嵐、エイト、カツン)





映像が悪くてごめんなさい (笑)実は私たちのチャンカパーナを歌するの姿、映像ありますけどでも恥ずかしくて!w


音楽: NEWS- 36c
i'm late to post for wish my lovely idol birthday at my LJ!

to my dearest, koyama keiichirou,

that time you been hurt, you crying behind us.. crying hardly everyday but you kept smiling infront of us, you will kept saying "i'm ok!"
please keichan, don't ever crying behind us again, if you sad please share with us, we want crying with you.. even though i don't want see your crying face anymore.. its really hurt! seeing all you and other NEWS members crying, my heart like been scratching all inside...
i don't want see this face of yours anymore, keichan please promise me~
you always think about other 3 members first before you, always take care about them with care and love.
you make me so proud! i'm glad i know you..
10 years before, when you know you will debut as NEWS with shige and kusano, you called kisumai's Yokoo and other k.k.kity members.
you know that this will infect your relationship with them.. yokoo understand it, keichan but you still want to meet him and talked about it coz you really appreciate and love the friendship between you and yokoo. this part why i really i really respect you not as idol but also human being too!
you know how sad & depressed yokoo and others will be. Before NEWS will be annouced to public, you called Yokoo. you must felt bad to them that time ne~ but i glad you, shige and yokoo still be friends until now.

but keichan when that time happen, you know how yokoo felt right? how it felt, to be left behind..its must hurt so much ne, keichan... but i glad that time at least you try your best talking and discuss with yokoo and others, coz i know you must really felt bad to them that time.. i'm really respect you so much, keichan! you really appreaciate all times you with k.k.kity members thats why you trying your best to talked with yokoo about that NEWS would debut that time ne~

keichan, as new NEWS leader right now, u really do a great job!! how hard you trying to protect NEWS for us. even 4 of you bowing your heads to jimusho asking to let continue as NEWS members even got many peoples asked you guys disband! but because of fans 4 of you stand together as your managers to protect NEWS!! how i should said thanks to you guys for this?! i really appreciate all those loves NEWS give to us.


ahhh coz i don't want my post full of emotional feelings so i post a bit about our leader keichan's 天然 moments! 笑

1) someone saw NEWS on airport when they just come back from hiroshima concert, that girl saw keichan take his wallet from his suitcase!
keichan, usually we not put wallet inside suitcase right? LOL

2)he called pineapple iron for waffle iron (hairstyle name) --> after all i also don't know abt this LOL

3) he bought one big bed and its not suit with his 1 LDK house! his house don't have enough space coz of his big bed!! --> keichan you should check it first before you bought it~ LOL

4) he trying wearing contact lens, actually he wearing contact lens already!! --> keichan, i never heard double contact lens yo~ LOL

5) trying drink a water while he wearing a mask~ --> keichan u really so cute!!

6) once when shige called him, asking what he doing time he said "i'm putting engine right now!" actually he put gasoline inside not engine!! --> keichan how long you have driving,dear LOL

7) once in Kchan News radio, shige said he don't like sweet potato, keichan suddenly respons him "of coz, its from pumpkin after all ne~" --> keichan, sweet potato its from potato!! not pumpkin LOL

after all, keichan i love you just not idol but as human being, i want to be like you.. still can forgive all those happen and kept smiling.. but keichan i can't be like you.. i'm trying but i can't! sorry~

as a fan, i wish you will happy with your mom, familys, NEWS, friends and i also hope u will meet a good women as your wife oneday!! i wish all best to you and all NEWS members!!

ahh btw, seem on May 1st, keichan's birthday.. ECLAIR was sold out that day!! NEWS fans sugoii na~