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08 May 2014 @ 05:20 pm
my experiences at Koyama's ramen shop ~utsukushii memories~  
recently i heard some not good story about koyama's ramen shop.. when i read or heard it. im very surprised!!

its not because my bias are Keichan and i got good services from mama. IT'S NOT TOTALLY TRUE!!
mama never asked who your ichiban in NEWS? and she never give special service to kei's fans only!!

ok honestly, my first time i went to ryutarou i also don't get talking with mama at all, coz i understand that time shop was too busy.
And please understand that ramen shop was not only for NEWS fans, that ramen shop already exit before keichan became johnny's.
please understand mama very profesional and the one who need to understand was us as NEWS fans..

at first time im came, that time was i'm finish watching keichan's butai last 3 years.. and sure that time the shop was packed with fans. once my friends done finish eat, we need take leave coz that time line up was long.. and of coz im not speak at all with mama..coz that time she busy cook the dish. please understand mama only human, she can't served all customers at the same time. she is not robot. and please consider with other customers. please remember kei's ramen shop was not services for fans only but other regular customers.

after one week i decide to go alone again after the busy night, so this time i go alone around 9pm. that time only 3 of drunk salary mens, 2 groups of fans, then when i'm coming in.. i got really warm and pleasent smile ever from mama.. Irrashaimase~
she asking me to sit counter seat coz im alone. i'm having great conversation with mama.. she really surprise when i come here alone by myself..

i tell her that actually im coming here last week with my friends, then she apologize me coz she not realize me, she too busy cook.
i said its ok i understand. when she asking where i am from? me not only having conversation with mama, but also konchan too (konchan are cooking guy who work there) i really have a great time there for 2 hours.

i'm coming back to ramen shop after NEWS became 4, some of u guys what happen to me, i can't make it to go the last concert sapporo coz my flight from tokyo to sapporo been cancelled that day. im crying all the night and im really felt depressed. the next day im went to ramen shop.
im telling about my story to mama.. you don't know how i'm so touching with her words, with her warm hug.. she really great person..
i'll never forget her words to me "please don't cry, keichan don't want see any tears anymore from NEWS fans.. i understand how your girls feeling..im also see all the time.. i see keichan's face all time.. i felt the pain too" she kept hugging me.. and i can't stop crying.. she really hope i can go to next concert.. i think Aimee-chan u was there i think.. when im crying and hug mama..

the third i went to kei's ramen shop last year, at last after almost 8 years im waiting for the day come true.. at last i make it!! i got to NEWS concert ever!! at first we don't have opportunity to speak with mama coz that many customers in the shop. so we just eat our dish and once customers already gone one by one, she coming to our place and speak with us. i thought she will not remember me.. at first she seem not recognize me coz im wearing hat that time..but konchan still remember me, from Malaysia!! then mama said "ahhh the last time who can't make to concert right?" im so happy she remember. she asked if this time i went to concert or not.. i said Yes.. you know how shinny her eyes that time looking at me and patting my shoulder.. yokatta~ yokatta~ NEWS must be sooo happy too! after that we just said good bye to her coz we realize she have new customers that she will served..

as fans we should understand when the good time to talk, when the good time no having talk with her.. she also human not a robot who only served all NEWS fans.. she not that. please understand she also have regular customer too..

she very professional, she really have great services.. she try her best to make all fans happy, but is it all fans make her happy?
please appreciate each time your times at there coz is not all have that oppurtunity to sit there, eat there talk with her..some fans out there really want go there badly..

yeah.. who i am talked and babling at here, me only,  one of NEWS fans. i really hope please considerate and appreciate all things that u got.

as foreigner NEWS fans, we should understand mama's feeling and we as outsider we should have good manner right?

this only my feeling about mama, she really great person afterall! don't be afraid to talk with her but first we should know which good time to have conversation key? she really talkative.. u can talk anything with her ^^

last week, i went with Aimee-chan, at first we don't get any conversation coz she have some customers from OL and one drank regular customer.. aimee-chan i think that guy love to talked with you lol.. but at last after no customer left, we really having good time and talked. before we out from shop, mama really wanted to show us the latest news every when keichan doing some mistake that live LOL

I've really have great time when i went there!! please, to all tegoshi's fans, masuda's fans and shigeaki's fans! don't think only keichan's fans have deserved to go there only.. mama love all NEWS fans!!
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ユウイ: NEWS4nin lovesnowaltz on May 8th, 2014 10:05 am (UTC)
I just also want to share that I think Koyamama is lovely! I have gone to her ramen shop twice, once in 2010 and another time in Jan this year. When I went in 2010, I was sick and wasn't in the mood to talk, so I don't remember much from that trip (except that I LOVE the suigyoza). The second time this year, I went on the night Tegomass appeared on Music Station do the shop was pretty crowded. I was really nervous that everyone order their food in Japanese (my Japanese isn't that good) and Mama noticed my friend and I were foreigners (we spoke in English and were flipping through the English menu). She smiled really warmly at me (I totally melted into my seat lol) when I did my chumon. I'm now eargerly waiting for a chance to go there again and hopefully talk to her more. I really want to tell her that I love her suigyoza<3

It's wonderful to read your encounter. I'm envious that you've gotten a hug from Koyamama and yay for making it to NEWS con ;) & she's right, Kei-chan won't want to see us cry<3