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27 November 2013 @ 03:03 pm
ONE OK ROCKのマレーシアで初ライブのレポ!  


malaysia Chankapaanas together with Malaysia hypens!!



that day before concert start, i went to lunch together with my friend. when i went back to my company.. i met ONE OK ROCK members! this will be one of awesome days in my life. first i saw TAKA.. at first i just want take their picture without them know.. but no! i just go straight approached them, and saying TAKA, im your fan! he shake hand with me and said thanks then one staff asked him go inside a van.. i just do gambare pose to taka, ryuta and toru.. then i realize tomoya was still outside having smoke time behind the van. then i just approached him [ tomoya, thank u for coming to Malaysia, im really can't wait for see ur live today], speaking in japanese to him but he said thank you to me in English LOL the best part was he the one first take out his hand first to shake hand with me. im so happy!!! im too excited i dun have to take a photo plus the staff said sorry they need to go now.

コンサートで終わった!また出会った!あの日めちゃくちゃ奇跡でした!ホテル帰る時に偶然ONEOKROCK出会った!今回写真取りました!タカとリョタだけだったけど!みんな疲れた顔出てい るから、あまり近いずに取った!タカが優しかった!私達の事気づいた。自分で前へ動き出ました!

after finish concert, me and my friends met them again!! we know they very tired after the concert, so take their picture little bit far away.. when other busy with their phone.. taka looking at us and showing his face and body to make sure his face been taken by me. he so kind!!


ライブ本当に楽しかったです!ぜひ来年また来て欲しいです!ワンオクだけじゃなくて日本のバンドの皆さんぜひマレーシアでライブして欲しいです!Flumpool, sekai no owariとか、ぜひぜひ来て下さい~

im crying at encore part!! i don't know why my tears suddenly burst when they singing Wherever You Are..
Phenakameenphenakame on November 27th, 2013 12:03 pm (UTC)
They came 2 Jakarta last sunday ..
their awesome !!