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12 November 2013 @ 04:23 pm
shige with his little fanboys!!! * i can't stand the cuteness interaction shige with A-kun *  
1) shige with A-kun 2013 moments
On sorashige's radio 27th oct one, he talked about A-kun again, last year he talked about A-kun on sorashige and also he told this story on his Photogenic before. which he went to barbeque with A-kun family together last year.
A-kun are the boy who sleeping at shige's lap n suddenly fart quietly on shige's lap. LOL  last year when christmas time, A-kun wish on christmas paper [i want meet with shige again!] his parent show it to shige. so this year shige went to barbeque again to meet A-kun!! 1 year not meet each other, when shige show his face to A-kun. shige said A-kun's eyes suddenly form the heart shape. seem he so happy saw shige there.
that time shige said i'm glad im johnny's! LOL A-kun was 4 years old boy love shige so much!! then his family asked A-kun play with shige LOL
then A-kun said [ i really want meet shige-kun and tegoshi-kun!] shige wonder if A-kun meet tegoshi before, actually A-kun want meet tegoshi-kun coz he love ITTE Q. shige afraid A-kun change his love to tegoshi. [yabai, tegoshi will take A-kun from me!!] LOL shige~ even 4 years old boy too he don't want to lose his love away.
actually got many kids there, at first other kids was afraid to closed with shige. shige said maybe his shyness aura was shown. but after they saw shige playing around with A-kun, then they suddenly became friendly with shige.
after that, shige went that staff's house and continue playing with A-kun and other kids. they playing ranger acting together.. even shige act as ranger too (damn! seriously i want see shige with those kids playing around) but shige give an excuse maybe he playing with those kids without think coz that time he also was drunk too actually.. LOL drunk shige and playing with kids!! saikou!!!

2) shige with his friend new baby~
last saturday on sorashige he talked about baby, he talked about one of sorashige's staff's wife was giving birth. seem shige also acquaintance with the wife too, so he got contact from her.. that she already give a birth to baby girl. so he thought he should go visited them. he wonder what should he give to her. at first he thought giving a flower but at last he buying baby cloth. OMG shige went shopping baby cloth and choose by himself!! i want see this situation so much!! he complain baby cloths very expensive! when he went to baby shop.. as u know he really shy guy, he so embarassing with the staff baby shop. he thinking one day he will buy for his own baby one.. even he just think he really so embrassing.
he bought cloth, pouch and shoe to that baby girl. when he went visited them.. his reaction [she was so small! this small feet still not walking yet on this world] then when he put his hand on baby hand, the baby grabbing his thumb. OMG i want this situation so much ><

3) shige with his other little fanboy!!

then when im writing this post i saw dara's RT about sorashige's picture.. got one listener sent this picture

東京都/なおこ さん



trans: naoko-san from tokyo
im sorry its not picture but this is my son who shige's fan are drawing picture. seem on his schoolwork asking him to drawn
[the best memory of summer holiday] *on picture shige and massu *

then shige's reply:
seem its your son's drawing but im really happy about it, his best memory of summer holiday was NEWS's concert!!
im totally happy he drawing this.


seem now shige also got many little fanboys recently ne~ its so cute ><
tego♥massu=LOVE: shige elitekatrinasacay on November 15th, 2013 06:35 pm (UTC)
i think shige's really charismatic with kids :')