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hai f-list,

i'm bena who totally fall in love with  Foxman or RamenMan. He is KOYAMA KEIICHIROU. I'm one of the BIGFAN of NEWS. i'm also love KAT-TUN & KANJANI 8. so please don't biased with these three group! they are my aspirin and my life!! and my lovely OTP is RYOSHIGE@NISHIKATO~i'm active@sometimes not translated for Kchan NEWS radio translation community @ je_ontheair , maker of msian_newsfans and trouble_shige , owner of ynkmkt_love and paradise_sales sometimes i wil translate others like magazines usually for NEWS~

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NEWS NEVERLAND 2017 Concert with Full Translation of MC Report at Tokyo Dome 11/06/2017

hello my NEWS fan friends,

Its been a long time since i updating my livejournal. This is my 1st entry for 2017 and its my 1st Tokyo Dome Concert ever too

Finally, after 14 years i can get a chance to stand together with other NEWS's fans in this awesome & huge place. I finally understand how special this place for massu. its totally damn sentimental ever feeling when i entered in tokyo dome. No words could describe how happy i was on that day. Its my 1st tokyo dome concert I got arena seat. its really near main stage. Still, one day i hope i can get the stand seat because the feeling when you at the stand seat must be different from arena seat in tokyo dome.

Collapse )
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dear all NEWS lovers,

here i want share with you guys MC report for Nagoya, Sapporo and Sendai show.

1. Nagoya 21th March 1st show
2. Nagoya 22th March 1st show
3. Nagoya 22th March 2nd show
4. Sapporo 28th March
5. Sapporo 29th March
6. Sendai 4th April
7.Sendai 5th April

i will updated soon for other shows later ^^ join yourself~
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NEWS WHITE TOUR MC REPORT Nagoya 22Th March 2015 2nd Show

all illustration, credit to: laugharu12@twitter thanks to her illustration, you guys can image how the MC right?


Introduction part

K: doumo! NEWS desu!Koyama desu! (While doing tegoshi’s pose) I want do this pose before tegoshi do it.
K: its last concert today? You must felt lonely right? Me too~ I’m already 30 years old. Who here younger than me? (of coz almost fans are younger than him, but he really quiet surprised when almost fans stand up their hand) but its ok let’s have a good time without think about the age between us.
K: you love NEWS right? That’s why you are here right? Bakayarou! I love you guys more than all of you. I want do this before shige do it to all of you. Then massu~
M: Loves never bother about age. Are all of you have been prepared? The little one (chibiko)?
All little fans scream yeah!
K: its so cute~
M: we’re really glad we can do White tour this time.  We all do all the preparation for this tour.
K: they are also done a lot preparation too for us, uchiwa! They really good one!
M: Its hot right at here~ please wave it to me~
M: kimochi ii~ (its really great~)
K: but massu, the handmake one will be broken if do like that.
Then massu saw shige are ready to come out.
M: he come! He come!
K: ah sorry! Forget to introduce. Let’s me introduce our ikemen, Kato shigeaki!
(then shige come out with face me kakkoii deshou~)
M: ahh its not me! ( he thought he the most ikemen in NEWS! Massu mo ikemen yo~)
K: but you’re different type of ikemen yo, massu. (keichan try take massu’s heart back)
S: (to koyama) you too kind!
S: Doumo! Kato shigeaki desu! Tadaima (okaeri!) Tadaima! (okaeri!) *the third time we scream okaeri.. I’m already satisfied with this, I can go back now..
all fans ehhhhh~
S: good~ I love this reaction. Koyama just do this but.. (he still want do this, of coz this one he the original one who make this lol)
S: the reason why you all come here because you love NEWS right? (fans:yeaah!) Bakayarou! I love you more than you all. I want to hear more the voice.. Arena seat (yeah!) Stand seat (yeah!) all of you, Nagoya (yeah!) GUYS! (yeahhh!) GIRL (Yeah!) Guys (YEAh!) family name’ Tanaka! Satou! Suzuki! Katou! Liar! Katou its on 10th on Japanese list name! Tegoshi! (only tegoshi scream that time without microphone)
T: yeah~ Nagoya really good! This our destiny.. have you felt our destiny. I understand about if they are girls, but for guys we still think about this destiny together..for one year and half we not meet.. today our last day I want to hear more scream! Can you do it?
Tegoshi scream without mic “can you do it?”
K: kakkoii yo tegoshi~
S: koyama can you do it?  (then koyama scream without use mic)
K: shige, can you do it? (of coz shige too)
K: shige’s voice reach to you?
S: my nodochinko (uvula) will come out again.
T: right now masuda-san not here yet. Can you all call him out?
All called Massu, then massu appeared on screen. His face full of the screen.. then he write something on the screen.. WEEEEK then they started sang Weeeek!
When they sang Weather NEWS! Massu hang up keichan’s shirt up, then suddenly Massu fall down on stairs, keichan help him stand back.. yasashii~
After finish weather news, keichan run to main stage and stand infront camera, only his head show up and  on the screen his body wearing suit in EVERY.. then he called.

MC part
K: kihara-san! Shigejiro~
Then shige try to do Sorajiro’s monomane
S: wait! I don’t know how to react! Coz sorajiro can’t speak!
T: Kiharasan~ Shigeji~
Then shige do the shigeji! Keichan asking him to stop do the shigeji! Because its really amused koyama so much.. shige keep do it!
S: Tegoji also will appear!
Tegoshi also start doing ojisan character
K: Massuji also appeared!
M: are you want try to see your destiny (palm reader’s style).  ( massu sit down and make ojisan’s voice)
S: oya!oya! koyaji also appeared!
Then 4 of them line up each other than bowing abit like old man. They talked like old man.
K/T/S/M: doumo! NEWS ji desu~
S: why we start the MC with standup comedy?
M: its really amazing, all of us became the old man.
Click here for the illustration:
K: please stop. Im weak if talked about shigeji. Let’s me introduce properly. We’re NEWS! Please take your sit.
Someone called shigeji on stand seat.
S: don’t call shigeji suddenly?! You know what before this someone asked me please do shigeji at harajuku.  No way I will do it at Harajuku streets.
K: if you do it at harajuku its really fashionable~
Then massu doing uncle’s voice but with harajuku’s fasionable style ( charai ojisan)
K: please stop doing shigeji (seem he really weak with shigeji lol)
T: at Nagoya where actually Johnny’s shop? Sakae?
S: its actually exist?
M: Don’t looking down to us (their jimusho)
S: no, I just never heard before.
M: At Arashiyama also have johnny’s shop.
K: no have already right? Only Sakae right?
T: but we went to Johnny’s shop before right?
(seem that time keichan forget he went with tegoshi for Life of NEWS DVD )
K: ahh we went there! What happen with my brain?
T: that time everyone not realize us they all focus looking at the picture.
K: Especially at Hey Say Jump corner.
M: Hey Say Gara Gara ne~
(I don’t know what they mean by Gara Gara.. but what I understand actually they want mention how popularity Hey say Jump now ^^)
K: fans really focusing on the pictures. Even we stand beside them they really not recognize us.
Suddenly tegoshi change topic about when they about their photoshoot.
T: you know right sometimes its happen when take a photoshoot.
M: I know~ I know  (wakaru~ wakaru~)( while smirking)
(how he know even tegoshi still not finish what actually he want to said..)
T: so fast! I’m not finish yet!
S: continue, tegoshi.. what is it?
T: like Myojo or Popolo.. sometimes I felt like all the photos are same right? Sometime the picture that staff select not same as we want to be.
S: when we want take best shot for all but sometimes one of us face not good enough so need take many times.. example like 80%, 90% 70% and 40%
K: me? The 40% its me?
S: its only for example! Example!
Click here:
T: Its happen sometimes when tegomasu part.. they asked us keep come closer and closer, when we look at each other our face really close!!
See the link :
K: sometimes we take picture together its would happen to right?
M: I know! I know! (massu said wakaru wakaru again without know what actually keichan want to say lol)
S: when I stand beside massu, I will look im far away from you guys because massu’s wide shoulder.
K: for me also I need to cooperate with tegoshi’s height.. that’s why sometimes I need to bend my legs abit
K: we always take picture like this when shoot 4 together.
Click here:
M: I remember about something that funny things. (massu asked four of them sit beside each other, please prefer the top picture) then asked staff can someone make something happening.
(Then three of them just sit and wait for take picture then suddenly keichan jump in infront of them and scream yeah with cute gesture then he do many version go behind them and doing cute gesture three of them just looking at him)
K: you guys should do more like that, they asked us do we should need to follow~
S: I really think you’re great.
M: I really respect you doing that as leader! Kakkoii!
S: you really change a bit. I wonder when the changing.
K: I think maybe I starting with news every job. Some people when come to our concert they give response “its weird feeling see koyama-kun on stage. Newscaster are dancing on stage” (LOL)
K: tegoshi you’re same as what they saw you on tv. Even you doing something u should not do on tv!
(keichan talked about itteQ when he wear bathrobe and touching his small tegoshi)
(that time tegoshi are blushing seriously he so cute when blushing like that LOL)
S: what is it? What is it? Im not watch that part.
T: that time they asked me appeared just like that.. that time im not realize im doing that.
S: Maybe you guys can show how he do it?
K: maybe you should wear only bathrobe right now to show how is it actually?
T: what you talking about! (of course he don’t want LOL) then im suddenly touch it seriously im not realize its happen. Why u guys talked about this here.. hazukashii yo~
S: I understand as guy. Guy always like that!
T: right~ guys will understand why right? (tegoshi asked all the fanboys) LOL
S: as a guy I understand.
T: Maybe that’s my habit. Like when we play soccer on PK, we will standing and put our hands in front right?
M: is like girl who will put their hair aside when they having meal.
S: please don’t compare like that. Its totally different.
T: its really make me felt relax (LOL)
K: but at rehearsal I saw, one song you will touch it three times if possible.  I wonder how tegoshi’s felt that time.. LOL
S: sometimes I saw it too!
T: its my habit I think.
Click here to check illustration:
T: I know masuda-san’s habit!
K: what is it?
Tegoshi put both his pinky hand at under his nose doing massu’s impersonation
Seriously its really damn funny!
K: where actually you want to scratch it actually?
M: its actually between nose and mouth.. and sometimes its near nose’s hole LOL
K: that area always itching?
M: I wonder if I having nose piercing maybe this habit will stop. Ahh its look like pig!
S: its not pig! Its will look like bull!  LOL
T: you have any habit?
M: I know shige’s habit! Shige always like this!
OMG serious massu’s face that time really amuse me!
K: massu! Your face yabai yo! LOL
OMG im really laugh like hell when massu doing that face.
S: when im doing face like that yo!
K: im wonder if I have habit or not? I don’t have any habit right?
M: I know koyama’s! koyama always when he come to our makeup room he always smile and greeting everyone use high tension voice even in early morning.
K: im doing that because I don’t want staff to stiff with us when we working together. Some of them maybe are newbie.. I want staff working with relax together us.
Click here:
M: im really respect who always like that.
Everyone clapping their hands said keichan’s sugoi yo~
M: but if shige sometimes we never realize he actually already arrived.
K: Always like this.. “Kato-san still not coming yet?”  but actually im the first one come before three of you!
(as they talked at Mirai theater before nobody realize when shige coming inside the room. He will sit behind there quietly and read a novel)
K: but recently you really doing greeting good morning with include call our name
(that time they asked shige change his behavior greeting them with saying their name too)
K: do right now!
S: what?  No need to show it now!
K: its ok! Do it now~
Suddenly got one girl shouted to him SHIGE~ OHAYOU!
All of them laughing then..
S: Lisa Ohayou~
M/T/K: lisa?
S: I don’t know her name.. so I just put as lisa LOL
(then three of them standing close each other and shige come to near them)
S: ohayou~ (with low tension)
K: no! no! its wrong!
S: koyama ohayou~ tegoshi ohayou~ massu ohayou~
Then three of them looking at shige at the same time..
K/M/T: shige~ ohayou~
(DAMN CUTE!! Their intonation really cute and slow)
K: this actually happen! Its real one!
(so now shige will greeting them with calling their name too)
click here:
S: I don’t mind if greeting you guys like this but you know recently my gym trainer also will greeting me like that! “KATO-KUN OHAYOU~” so I also need to reply him with calling his name too.. hazukashii yo~
(seem shige’s gym trainer watching mirai theater lol)
M: its really good thing.
T: recently we went out dinner only four of us. We are plan go together after we finish concert rehearsal but the rehearsal finish around 1am.
S: I need check all members schedule before asking you guys out. Even our manager take note tegoshi’s futsal schedule time.
T: yeah! I asked him do to make sure no clashing time.
M: last time we should have dinner together that time its been cancelled because tegoshi’s have soccer. I really angry that time.
S: its not tegoshi’s fault. Im the one who asked him too late.
K: its actually last week right?
S: that time for real we talked about LOVE talk ne.
T: I think this first time we talked about this.. what type girl that you guys like?
S: of course we not talk about it here.
K: its actually boys talk.. only guys who can know the conversation about (I dare they talked about ecchi stuff too)
M: half about Love talk, half about NEWS
T: its totally give impact for us that night talk.
K: that night im not drink so much. Tegoshi also not drink right?
T: yes!
M: eh? Tegoshi not drink at all?
T: im not drink before concert. Its for healthy preparation.
K: he just drank Olong tea only that night.
M: I drank a lot while eating Happy time (tegomasu’s CM)
K: its really good time!
S: its really fun right? Let’s do again while concert tour later.
T: yeah! We should do more for of us only.
M: we should plan on Saturday night after concert.
T: yeah! Saturday night are good!
(Shige know he can’t join them since he have radio live show every Saturday night)
S:I really hope you guys should remember that I have radio live show every Saturday night.
M/K/T: ehhhh~ (they pretend they don’t know about it)
S: LIAR!!!  Yesterday night I also not join you guys right?!
M/K/T: ahhh~ ahh~
S: OMAERA! OMAERA! This my third year with NHK. You guys should remember already!
T: naruhodo.. you have radio live show.
S: so Sunday’s night also we can’t make it since koyama can’t join too!
K: Sunday night? Ahh next day every ne~
S: then Friday’s morning also we can’t make it.. (that time we still don’t know shige’s will do the bibitto change from massu’s ippuku, then massu pretend his crying )
M: ippuku~
S: gomen gomen~
T: last night we went dinner right?
K: but I also not join yesterday night dinner?
T: ahh you slept already that time?
K: im so tired.
(seem only tegomasu went with staffsan and jurniors)
K: what you guys have for dinner?
T: we having Japanese cuisine. 
That time massu talking about food with smirking to keichan because keichan can’t make it ) LOL
S: im also having tebasaki ( fry chicken wings)
K: what time you went dinner with radio staff?
S: around 12am..
T: we also went around 12am
K: 12am? Around 10pm I already on futon.
T: this morning we watching yesterday concert video right?
S/M/K: watched it!
S: from watching that video we know how actually each member’s solo performance right?
K: after my solo shige’s come out with that outfit.
M: I really love shige’s solo
K: shige are bellboy at hotel right?
S: yes!
M: then koyama come in at shige’s hotel right? Its really good idea.. from one solo to another solo its really good continuous.
T: ne.. ne.. keichan you try became door man?
M: not door man.. try to be door LOL
K: what??
Keichan still doing it even he doesn’t want.  First he became usual (western) door, tegoshi push his shoulder then he push his back himself as door LOL the second one he became the Japanese style, tegoshi push his shoulder to side then he move to his left side.. the last one like hotel door like this: then when tegoshi push his shoulder then he make his body move around like that door.. I can’t stop laugh how tegoshi do keichan as the door lol
K: how come I can be variety of door type’s right now!
S: you’re really door-man!
K: door man?!
S: ahh stop doing this.. what are we doing.. four of guys doing flirting each other.
T: its really fun.
K: ne~
Then they stand by to start the performance
T: we have slipper for this concert!
K: you know about slipper? Are you buying it? Really? Yokatta~ so relieved~
S: its really nice ne~ what others goodies we have?
K: Pouch!
S: we really think a lot for goodies this time. Seem I saw in internet all peoples said our goodies concert always cute.. Because of that very high expectation we really think about the goodies what we should do this time
K: are you like our news goodies?
Fans: LOVE~
S: News will have special tv show 4 vs X. please watch it.
M: this time also we really have fun in that show right?
K: yeah

last night listen to sorashige book, then reading koyama's 1000 words interview.. im felt like im lucky im are NEWS fans.. the bond between NEWS and fans really amazing!
kparadisek i don't know why i can't sync iphone to my lappy >< i need more time to give you. gomenasai~ really have a great time with my friends this time too~ arigatou minna~
p/s: sorry for bad english LOL
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my experiences at Koyama's ramen shop ~utsukushii memories~

recently i heard some not good story about koyama's ramen shop.. when i read or heard it. im very surprised!!

its not because my bias are Keichan and i got good services from mama. IT'S NOT TOTALLY TRUE!!
mama never asked who your ichiban in NEWS? and she never give special service to kei's fans only!!

ok honestly, my first time i went to ryutarou i also don't get talking with mama at all, coz i understand that time shop was too busy.
And please understand that ramen shop was not only for NEWS fans, that ramen shop already exit before keichan became johnny's.
please understand mama very profesional and the one who need to understand was us as NEWS fans..

at first time im came, that time was i'm finish watching keichan's butai last 3 years.. and sure that time the shop was packed with fans. once my friends done finish eat, we need take leave coz that time line up was long.. and of coz im not speak at all with mama..coz that time she busy cook the dish. please understand mama only human, she can't served all customers at the same time. she is not robot. and please consider with other customers. please remember kei's ramen shop was not services for fans only but other regular customers.

after one week i decide to go alone again after the busy night, so this time i go alone around 9pm. that time only 3 of drunk salary mens, 2 groups of fans, then when i'm coming in.. i got really warm and pleasent smile ever from mama.. Irrashaimase~
she asking me to sit counter seat coz im alone. i'm having great conversation with mama.. she really surprise when i come here alone by myself..

i tell her that actually im coming here last week with my friends, then she apologize me coz she not realize me, she too busy cook.
i said its ok i understand. when she asking where i am from? me not only having conversation with mama, but also konchan too (konchan are cooking guy who work there) i really have a great time there for 2 hours.

i'm coming back to ramen shop after NEWS became 4, some of u guys what happen to me, i can't make it to go the last concert sapporo coz my flight from tokyo to sapporo been cancelled that day. im crying all the night and im really felt depressed. the next day im went to ramen shop.
im telling about my story to mama.. you don't know how i'm so touching with her words, with her warm hug.. she really great person..
i'll never forget her words to me "please don't cry, keichan don't want see any tears anymore from NEWS fans.. i understand how your girls also see all the time.. i see keichan's face all time.. i felt the pain too" she kept hugging me.. and i can't stop crying.. she really hope i can go to next concert.. i think Aimee-chan u was there i think.. when im crying and hug mama..

the third i went to kei's ramen shop last year, at last after almost 8 years im waiting for the day come true.. at last i make it!! i got to NEWS concert ever!! at first we don't have opportunity to speak with mama coz that many customers in the shop. so we just eat our dish and once customers already gone one by one, she coming to our place and speak with us. i thought she will not remember me.. at first she seem not recognize me coz im wearing hat that time..but konchan still remember me, from Malaysia!! then mama said "ahhh the last time who can't make to concert right?" im so happy she remember. she asked if this time i went to concert or not.. i said Yes.. you know how shinny her eyes that time looking at me and patting my shoulder.. yokatta~ yokatta~ NEWS must be sooo happy too! after that we just said good bye to her coz we realize she have new customers that she will served..

as fans we should understand when the good time to talk, when the good time no having talk with her.. she also human not a robot who only served all NEWS fans.. she not that. please understand she also have regular customer too..

she very professional, she really have great services.. she try her best to make all fans happy, but is it all fans make her happy?
please appreciate each time your times at there coz is not all have that oppurtunity to sit there, eat there talk with her..some fans out there really want go there badly..

yeah.. who i am talked and babling at here, me only,  one of NEWS fans. i really hope please considerate and appreciate all things that u got.

as foreigner NEWS fans, we should understand mama's feeling and we as outsider we should have good manner right?

this only my feeling about mama, she really great person afterall! don't be afraid to talk with her but first we should know which good time to have conversation key? she really talkative.. u can talk anything with her ^^

last week, i went with Aimee-chan, at first we don't get any conversation coz she have some customers from OL and one drank regular customer.. aimee-chan i think that guy love to talked with you lol.. but at last after no customer left, we really having good time and talked. before we out from shop, mama really wanted to show us the latest news every when keichan doing some mistake that live LOL

I've really have great time when i went there!! please, to all tegoshi's fans, masuda's fans and shigeaki's fans! don't think only keichan's fans have deserved to go there only.. mama love all NEWS fans!!
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ONE OK ROCKのマレーシアで初ライブのレポ!



malaysia Chankapaanas together with Malaysia hypens!!



that day before concert start, i went to lunch together with my friend. when i went back to my company.. i met ONE OK ROCK members! this will be one of awesome days in my life. first i saw TAKA.. at first i just want take their picture without them know.. but no! i just go straight approached them, and saying TAKA, im your fan! he shake hand with me and said thanks then one staff asked him go inside a van.. i just do gambare pose to taka, ryuta and toru.. then i realize tomoya was still outside having smoke time behind the van. then i just approached him [ tomoya, thank u for coming to Malaysia, im really can't wait for see ur live today], speaking in japanese to him but he said thank you to me in English LOL the best part was he the one first take out his hand first to shake hand with me. im so happy!!! im too excited i dun have to take a photo plus the staff said sorry they need to go now.

コンサートで終わった!また出会った!あの日めちゃくちゃ奇跡でした!ホテル帰る時に偶然ONEOKROCK出会った!今回写真取りました!タカとリョタだけだったけど!みんな疲れた顔出てい るから、あまり近いずに取った!タカが優しかった!私達の事気づいた。自分で前へ動き出ました!

after finish concert, me and my friends met them again!! we know they very tired after the concert, so take their picture little bit far away.. when other busy with their phone.. taka looking at us and showing his face and body to make sure his face been taken by me. he so kind!!


ライブ本当に楽しかったです!ぜひ来年また来て欲しいです!ワンオクだけじゃなくて日本のバンドの皆さんぜひマレーシアでライブして欲しいです!Flumpool, sekai no owariとか、ぜひぜひ来て下さい~

im crying at encore part!! i don't know why my tears suddenly burst when they singing Wherever You Are..
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we late celebrating tegoshikun birthday this year.. (gomen ne~)

but we have really alot fun together!! we having picnic at near lake this time ^^




then we went to karaoke together.. LOL

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WHATTT? BEFORE NEWS DEBUT.. shige and ryo have been one unit together before???!!

im surprise.. its actually on 1999 ryochan was member of one unit called B.B.A with Hasegawa Jun, both are vocal for B.B.A unit group.
then kato shigeaki was choosen as new member of B.B.A unit when they having audition at 8時だJ (one of old johnnys tv show)
Unfortunately, B.B.A was end and shige not having a work as B.B.A members on tv yet that time.


ahh i see.. ryoshige in one unit before NEWS debut ne..even k.k.kity still not exist yet..
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shige with his little fanboys!!! * i can't stand the cuteness interaction shige with A-kun *

1) shige with A-kun 2013 moments
On sorashige's radio 27th oct one, he talked about A-kun again, last year he talked about A-kun on sorashige and also he told this story on his Photogenic before. which he went to barbeque with A-kun family together last year.
A-kun are the boy who sleeping at shige's lap n suddenly fart quietly on shige's lap. LOL  last year when christmas time, A-kun wish on christmas paper [i want meet with shige again!] his parent show it to shige. so this year shige went to barbeque again to meet A-kun!! 1 year not meet each other, when shige show his face to A-kun. shige said A-kun's eyes suddenly form the heart shape. seem he so happy saw shige there.
that time shige said i'm glad im johnny's! LOL A-kun was 4 years old boy love shige so much!! then his family asked A-kun play with shige LOL
then A-kun said [ i really want meet shige-kun and tegoshi-kun!] shige wonder if A-kun meet tegoshi before, actually A-kun want meet tegoshi-kun coz he love ITTE Q. shige afraid A-kun change his love to tegoshi. [yabai, tegoshi will take A-kun from me!!] LOL shige~ even 4 years old boy too he don't want to lose his love away.
actually got many kids there, at first other kids was afraid to closed with shige. shige said maybe his shyness aura was shown. but after they saw shige playing around with A-kun, then they suddenly became friendly with shige.
after that, shige went that staff's house and continue playing with A-kun and other kids. they playing ranger acting together.. even shige act as ranger too (damn! seriously i want see shige with those kids playing around) but shige give an excuse maybe he playing with those kids without think coz that time he also was drunk too actually.. LOL drunk shige and playing with kids!! saikou!!!

2) shige with his friend new baby~
last saturday on sorashige he talked about baby, he talked about one of sorashige's staff's wife was giving birth. seem shige also acquaintance with the wife too, so he got contact from her.. that she already give a birth to baby girl. so he thought he should go visited them. he wonder what should he give to her. at first he thought giving a flower but at last he buying baby cloth. OMG shige went shopping baby cloth and choose by himself!! i want see this situation so much!! he complain baby cloths very expensive! when he went to baby shop.. as u know he really shy guy, he so embarassing with the staff baby shop. he thinking one day he will buy for his own baby one.. even he just think he really so embrassing.
he bought cloth, pouch and shoe to that baby girl. when he went visited them.. his reaction [she was so small! this small feet still not walking yet on this world] then when he put his hand on baby hand, the baby grabbing his thumb. OMG i want this situation so much ><

3) shige with his other little fanboy!!

then when im writing this post i saw dara's RT about sorashige's picture.. got one listener sent this picture

東京都/なおこ さん



trans: naoko-san from tokyo
im sorry its not picture but this is my son who shige's fan are drawing picture. seem on his schoolwork asking him to drawn
[the best memory of summer holiday] *on picture shige and massu *

then shige's reply:
seem its your son's drawing but im really happy about it, his best memory of summer holiday was NEWS's concert!!
im totally happy he drawing this.


seem now shige also got many little fanboys recently ne~ its so cute ><