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19 October 2013 @ 10:27 pm
NEWS live tour 2013~NEWS makes you happy NEWS the world happier~ 2003年8月26日1部 名古屋公演 (MC part)  
Nagoya 1st day 1st show

K: Are you have fun?
K: you want meet NEWS?
F: yeah!
K: We are NEWS!
F: Yeah!
K: minna-san, please have a drink
T: nagoya also very hot. you guys really have energy even this hot!
K: i just saw one little girl waving one uchiwa.. but i wonder if i said this or not.. maybe 6 years old. (seem that girl waving uchiwa said "what is mean icyaicya?"
(ichaicha mean likes doing something dirty/sexy to others)
S: that girl must said "mummy, what is icyaicya?" (with cute voice)
T: if she asked what is ichaicha? i would show her how to do it for her!
*then three of them surrounding tegoshi and kept asking tegoshi "icyaicya tte nani?"
T: this what its mean!  *then suddenly tegoshi attacked massu want kiss him!*
T: i just want attacked his neck only
K/S: shiranai yo~
K: please stop be hentai!
T: ne? *asking to shige*
S: ne jyanai yo!
K: thank you for hard work, for 24hrs TV.. its really a pity little bit u will on goal at the same time.
T: wait! is not me who running 24hrs TV (oshima miyuki-san who be running marathon that time)
S: minna, are you watching it? (im not watching it coz that time i'm on shinkansen from osaka to nagoya LOL)
K: but you really great, when 5 of Arashi standing there, got one person who catching many eyes because of his white color hair!
T: you true! arashi all black hair. im the only white blonde hair.
K: are you doing icyaicya with other itteQ members?
T: im doing often with daisuke-san got part where im standing with daisuke-san and then im putting my hand around his waist.
S: when doing that show, u should not doing that right?
K: you sing a song ""
S: why u know about it, you watch it?
K: not but i saw tegoshi doing practice singing that song yesterday at make-up room.
T: when actually NEWS do the 24hrs TV? 4 years ago
K: we doing before Eito right?
T: NEWS then Eito then..Arashi?
K: NEWS, Eito.. eh Sexy Zone?
K: but its very weird if Sexy Zone doing this kind of show.. when they introduce.. "domo, sexy zone"
M: May i know where is Sexy Zone? *got rumor said one of members sexy zone come that day.. i forget his name*
then they change to where actually their sexy zone are..
T: massu, u think where your sexy zone?
K: you tell us, where your sexy zone?
M: for my own opinion, my sexy zone is all of about me!
T: u know seriously i think don't think so high about yourself!!
T: but everybody has the right to mousou.
K: what with this guy?!
T: i think this time, got lots guys come right?
* even at my behind also got one couple, girl waving tego's uchiwa, and her boyfriend waving shige's uchiwa*
Then got one guy called "SHIIIIGGGGGGEEEE*
K: Oni-sama~ (brothers~)
all guys yeaaaaaaaahhhh!
T/S: they here!
K: last time im joking saying "Onee-sama!!~ then that person like "keichan~keichan~"
* Onee-sama is guy who love to be like a girl, that time keichan doing onee-sama gesture*
K: really increasing ne, fanboy!
M: last time when tegomasu went to sweden, all the blonde girl was waving tego or massu's uchiwa. maybe from tegomasu they know about NEWS. recently i saw many blonde girl waving Kato's uchiwa than tegomasu's uchiwa. maybe after know NEWS, ahh kato more better than tegomasu!
then suddenly..
K: ORE WA?????
* keichan face really priceless! he really eh?!!"
K: how about me? nobody love me?
M: maybe your face not type of europe favourite..
T: you guys always went to out of country right? which place you think you will be popular?
K: for me of coz KOREA right?
then they started talking korea language
K: thats why i seriously studing korea language.
S: tegoshi, which country if you?
T: its Thailand! and Spain!
K: Spain?! u popular at Spain too? its really cool!!
T: Thailand was great!!
*behind me got two fans from thailand! they screaming happily! im just happy for them! seem they are kparadisek friends!
T: when i go to Thailand for miyazawa daisuke-san for Itte Q, when we having shooting at thailand, got some girls asking the thai staff and asking if can they having that handsome guy number.
M: its just same when we went to concert at out of country, someone will asked "who are you, you want go to backstage?"
S: Let's do right now.. asked someone if they want do that too.
T: you want me to tell you keichan's contact number? please memo it right now.. ikuyo~
K: Stop it!
then shige and tegochan started bully their leader!
K: massu which country you will be popular!
M: of couse, it will be Japan! *they talked about abit history of massu's childhood*
K: shige? how about you, Indonesia?
*im scream abit Malaysia!!" LOL
S: i think my face was not famous to outside countries. last time when keichan and i went America...*when he talking he watching at keichan's face and laughing*
K: why you laughing at?
S: your face really thin!!
M: Koyama you really like a girl!
K: this face? * he show it to camera*
and all kept said kawaii~ kawaii~
K: what is it? i can't hear! wait i want hear clearly. its cute?
*maybe some of fans was laughing infront of him*
K: you guys laughing! what you laughing at? why? when u said it about my face? is it my face was weird?
S: you should do some cosplay!
K: if im doing it, Tegoshi will be more kawaii~
everyone said ahhh~ ahh~
K: Ahhh~ jyanai yo~
S: because of that face, its easy to remember!
K: what with that "because of that face" words!! how the face actually? my face was not johnny's type?
S: you know what they said recently, some face was different when been taken!
T: right! right!
K: Souka~
* he really felt worried about it LOL its shown on his face *
M: i don't said anything about your face at all, those two whose said it!!
S: you know as i think as Johnnys you really have great opportunity.
K: what i should do with this face?
S: but you really Johnnys!
*they said random talk here!*
S: you have desire to married right?
K: i have!
M: lets asked " who already married here?" * they asked fans*
K: who here been tittle as "others wife*
S: its very hard if they want stand their hands up, right?
* that time tegoshi standing nearest to fans seat, and looking one by one fans infront of him.. searching for wifey fans! LOL
S: let's asked them, in NEWS Which member you want to married with?
T: i see! lets do it!
* tegoshi really excited to do it*
M: i think if tegoshi.. its should be "member that i don't want to married with" is it?
T: nande dayo?!!!
K: everyone saw you as guy who love to play around!
T: ehhh..
M: shige also love girl who take three step behind you right?
* i don't know why shige was blushing that time!! he so cute!! blushing like that!!
T: which one we should asked..which member you want to married with? or which member you want to be boyfriend?
S: jya, lets do this! if you want married with this member please applause for us.
K: is it ok if this face? *LOL keichan still worried about his face LOL*
S: i think we should shut our eyes.
T: Please think carefully! * lol tegoshi, u really think this is a real competition ne~*
then 4 of them sit around together on the stage..
M: i'll be a good husband!
S: massu the one you want to married with!
got many clapping.. then
S: tegoshi?
the clapping suddenly low and abit.. tegoshi face really priceless, he very shocked about it!
S: shige-chan?
*hmm i clapping for him actually LOL* yes! im became his girl right now, gomen keichan LOL
S: koyama?
its totally many fans was clapping for him!! koyama win afterall!! he really happy about it!!
K: eh? what happen minna?!
M: after me, then tegoshi.. i can't hear clapping so much when tegoshi.
T: im really shocked about it too!
K: tegoshi is type guy who i want to be boyfriend not husband right?
* massu also felt he got abit clapping rather than shige n koyama* the result was 1st-koyama 2nd-shige 3nd- massu and 4th tegoshi.
S: tegoshi are really high in ranking in became big brother or little brother.
*seem tegoshi really hate about lost, he really want to sell his good point here!
T: can i said something to tell my good point?! you know what i will be good boyfriend and also good husband..
S: its enough tegoshi.. LOL
T: please i want said something abit, want selling about myself abit. i know im looking like this, play around. of couse i know why keichan win because he really kind. but if you alone with me only, you the one only i see! * kyaaaa~*
S: i think maybe they think they really worried if having life together with you.
M: but you really got alot. *to keichan*
S: i think because of "every" afterall.
K: i really happy!! can i show how im happy right now? *he jumping all around*
T: if me, i also choose keichan.
M: you not choose me?
T: if you want to married with right? * so tegoshi choose keichan if he want married with!!*
M: what is not good in me? *massu felt unhappy tegoshi choose keichan as husband not him LOL*
K: its really weird!
*then keichan went to change his outfit coz after this his solo*
when he want out from stage, three of them kept saying "eh actually already married with someone!" keichan kept "yamete yo!" but keichan was jumping happily coz he win the game!!
then talked about where there have cosplay shop that they can rent and wearing it without anyone know about it.
S: you should do some cosplay too, massu?
M: but there actually got cosplay shop, guy who like tegoshi who like cosplay, they will go that cosplay shop and asking staff taking picture of you. some of guy really wanted to try something like that without their family know about it.
T: but for me, my parents know about it afterall but im not like to wear it so much, u know! (that he doing cosplay on tv LOL)
S: last time, when i do PV doing cosplay too, so i understand abit that feeling, when we wear it, some kind our tension was high unexpected right?
T: on Halloween day i want try to walking with you on street when you wearing cosplay outfit.  i want wear kamen raider outfit. *owh i want tegoshige for next, life of news part 2 please*
S: which cosplay you want to try wear?
T: SailorMoon!
S: you want said "i'll punish you with power of Moon"?
T: which one of members you like on SailorMoon?
S: how can i remember all of them?
T: you must watched it before right?
S: i'm watched it before but...
then suddenly tegoshi sing sailormoon's song theme. can't believe shige also follow him! after all shige also know the song too!
S: i want be Tuxedo Mask
T: i hate Tuxedo Mask! *of coz he hating him coz he got his favourite sailormoon ne, tegoshi*
S; who actually your hero on your childhood?
M: i love watching ranger drama! all my childhood pictures, i do all same pose like ranger's pose LOL
S: for me, my hero childhood was ultraman, kaimen raider, ranger.
tegomasu love ranger drama, shige love kaimen raider most. then suddenly tegoshi asked question..
T: i wonder why ultraman when he having fight, light on his chest suddenly will be beep beep?
S: because he change to ultraman, so he need charges his power later.
then they talked about one anime that i totally don't know about it. then they talked about pokemon.. then tegoshi's sing pokemon songs!! then shigemassu follow him sing along.

then talked about they will having concert on tokyo dome

p/s: got something i need to change abit, i'll edit it later ^^ Nagoya 27th 1st show will coming up~
tego♥massu=LOVE: shige elitekatrinasacay on October 19th, 2013 08:32 pm (UTC)
wil check this again later if you edit *w*
i'm really so happy to see your reports~
mocoharuma: 4ninnewsvalmocoharuma on October 19th, 2013 10:22 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for another awesome report. be back... otsukaresamadeshita.
Maria: NEWSmari_sora on October 20th, 2013 05:08 pm (UTC)
Whole Massu is sexy zone XDDD Yeah. v_v I approve.

"M: saw many blonde girl waving Kato's uchiwa "
Me! :D Ahah ^^v well, it was actually before our con, Shige saved me from heat; during the con I only waved my handmade one without any name, but still... ufufufufu xD

"K: ORE WA?????" XDDDDD lol, no K-chan, I love you, everyone loves you. It's OK. xD He's so funny. The most bullied one now XD

Italy, Shige! It's Italy, where you're loved a lot! ihihih Well, everywhere else too, really. :D

And Massu's silently bulling them all all the way! XD

Eeeh, I want to hear TegoShige duo singing Moonlight Densetsu! :D Do you have an audio? And Pokemon song too~ *w*

Edited at 2013-10-20 05:10 pm (UTC)
KparadiseKkparadisek on October 21st, 2013 02:38 am (UTC)
I couldn't scream when I sat alone at my seat but I couldn't stop smiling esp. guy who said that was TEGOSHI! XDD
Maya: mood: caringmaya_hayashi on October 21st, 2013 08:43 am (UTC)
K: please stop be hentai!

Haha as expected they are perverts :DDD This was amazing again.
Boys are so funny and silly.
Thank you very much!
melib2melib2 on October 22nd, 2013 07:55 pm (UTC)
thank you so much dear ^_^